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Mechanical Bogie Suspensions

Heavy duty suspension extremely rigid suitable for off road vehicles operating in rough terrain.

ADR Механическая Системы Подвески Bogie

Tandem and Tridem Mechanical Suspensions

These are modular suspensions that allow combinations of 2 (tandem), 3 (tridem) and more axles. All K suspensions are available in both normal-height and lowered-height versions. They come in kits or pre-assembled on a sub-frame, ready to be installed on a vehicle's side members.

ADR Механическая Системы Подвески Tridem

Hydrokey Hydraulic Suspensions

Hydraulic suspensions make it possible to change the trim without interfering with a vehicle’s stability and safety. This feature is essential for guaranteeing the safety of vehicles operating in extreme conditions. The trim is determined by a liquid. The liquid cannot be compressed and the trim is accurate and stable. Comfort is assured by a gas. The suspension can be firmer or softer by varying the gas pressure: two separate fluids with two different functions.

ADR Гидродинамическая Системы Подвески Hydrokey

HydroEvo Hydraulic Suspensions

Hydrosafe is a hydraulic suspension with independent arms. The wheels remain firmly fixed to the ground under all service conditions: unrivalled stability when cornering and safe braking, even on uneven terrains. Suitable for machines operating in quarries or for farming machinery subjected to load unbalances.

ADR Гидродинамическая Системы Подвески HydroEvo

STT Multilink Suspensions

STT is a multilink suspension that allows the maximum adjustment of the wheels to all terrains and an extensive crosswise oscillation to the axle, without affecting the vehicle’s stability. It's the perfect solution for trailers with tipper bodies.

ADR Гидродинамическая Системы Подвески STT Multilink
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