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In conditions where power supply is problematic, the importance of units for power generation takes on enormous importance. Electricity itself is not of different quality, but the mechanisms that produce it are different. Generator supplier companies with which we cooperate have great success with their products on all continents (more than 100 countries). We are talking about the following brands: Himoinsa, Teksan and Kama. These are generators of various types and principles of operation, in addition to them, the company's product range includes diesel power plants of small and large capacity . And these units, by virtue of their purpose, are vital in all industries and in private households. In order to ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment at enterprises and productions in farms and even apartments, in order to avoid downtime in technological processes, it is necessary to purchase diesel or gasoline generators in a timely manner. In current realities , the company "Grosber Ukraine" has established the supply of the above-mentioned brands of generators and parts for them, traditionally providing high the quality of spare parts and their full compliance with the units for which they are intended.

Industrial performance and reliability

Industrial diesel generators, in contrast to household ones, are able to work without interruption for as long as possible. The generators are equipped with a noise-proof housing and many other options that make their operation comfortable and safe.

Own service support

The Grozber Ukraine company provides full professional service support during the warranty period for the equipment and after warranty service. We work throughout the territory of Ukraine

Without intermediaries. Official garnetia.

Grosber Ukraine is an importer of industrial generators, so the client can count on an adequate price and further service support. We work with various forms of payment under the Agreement. Maximum transparency in work!

The managers of our company will help you make the right choice so that your diesel , industrial, gasoline or electric generator is the most useful for your needs, and the diesel power plant is able to provide your technological processes. Another pleasant tradition of our company is the shortest terms of delivery of goods purchased from us to the consumer.

We provide our customers with a very wide range of generators and diesel power plants. The following list convincingly testifies to our extraordinary assortment: generator of small power - from 3,5,6,7 and up to 10 kW for individual needs or for small enterprises, industrial generator for 13,14,15,16,19,20,24, 27,30,32,33,36,40,48 kW _ And also: by 50,52,60,66,72 and by 160,176,200,220,256,280,300,320,352 kW _ We will ensure the operation of your diesel power plant with a capacity of 5 to 30 kW _

After the optimal selection of the necessary product, which is more convenient for you to carry out with the help of our manager, you will quickly and conveniently complete all other procedures.

If necessary, get more detailed information about all the technical nuances, operational pluses and auxiliary options, about how it is most profitable to buy in Kyiv, White Tserkov, Nizhny spare parts, or generators of the Spanish company Himoinsa, the Turkish company Teksan, as well as any other information of interest to you that is within the scope of our competence, please contact the representative of the company "Grosber Ukraine" directly .

Diesel power plant (diesel generator set (DGU), diesel generator) is a stationary or mobile power plant equipped with one or more electric generators driven by a diesel internal combustion engine. There are also power plants driven by a gasoline engine - gasoline electric unit or gasoline power plant and gas piston power plants. It should be taken into account that the terms diesel power plant, diesel-electric unit and diesel-generator are not synonyms: diesel-generator - a device consisting of a constructively combined diesel engine and generator; diesel-electric unit, in turn, includes a diesel generator, as well as auxiliary devices: frame, control devices, fuel tank; a diesel power plant is a stationary or mobile installation based on a diesel-electric unit, which additionally includes devices for distributing electricity, automation devices, and a control panel. As a rule, such power plants combine an alternating current generator and an internal combustion engine, which are mounted on a steel frame, as well as a system for monitoring and controlling the installation. An internal combustion engine drives a synchronous or asynchronous electric generator. The connection of the engine and electric generator is made directly with a flange or through a damping coupling. In the first case, a two-support generator is used, that is, a generator with two support bearings, and in the second - with one support bearing (single-support).

Types and execution options.

Diesel power plants differ in output electrical power, type of current (alternating three-phase/single-phase, direct), output voltage, as well as current frequency (for example, 50, 60, 400 Hz).

Also, diesel power plants are divided by the type of diesel engine cooling, air or liquid.

Power plants with a diesel engine of liquid cooling are units of large capacities and sizes.

By appointment.

Mobile power plants with capacity, as a rule, up to 1000 kW. They are used as a portable (portable) or backup source of power supply. Most often, they are presented in a special sound-proof cover or a container with standard (permitted) dimensions for transportation.

Stationary (industrial) - power plants of any capacity and type, integrated into a single system of the energy complex.

By constructive execution.

Linear or traditional rotation generator. Open version — the basic version of the power plant, intended for placing the electrical installation in a specially equipped room. In a noise-proof casing - for installation indoors or outdoors if there are requirements for noise reduction. Container - installation of the power plant in a block-container is carried out for operation of the installation in difficult climatic conditions and increased vandal protection. The power plant can be installed in a van, a car or on a chassis. Thus, it acquires the status of a mobile power plant.

By type of current.

Low-power diesel power plants produce, as a rule, single-phase alternating current with a voltage of 220 V and/or three-phase with a voltage of 380 V.

Three-phase power plants have a higher efficiency due to the higher efficiency of the alternator. Portable diesel power plants with a built-in rectifier (inverter) can have an additional 12-14 volt direct current output, for example, for charging batteries.

Powerful diesel power plants produce three-phase current: low-voltage - with a voltage of up to 1 kV; high-voltage - with a voltage of more than 1 kV (6.3 kV, 10 kV). If it is necessary to transmit electricity produced by low-voltage power plants over considerable distances by power lines, the voltage is increased at electrical substations to 6.3 kV or 10.5 kV.


Power plants and installations are used as main, reserve or emergency sources of electricity for consumers of single- or three-phase alternating current, for powering diesel locomotives, quarry dump trucks, submarines and other equipment, used in small power generation, for power supply of shift villages, factories, etc. etc., such as railway power plants and energy backup, in the system of emergency supply of computer networks, consumers of their own needs at nuclear and thermal power plants, and other strategic objects.

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