Agricultural machinery ADR

Many businesses in Europe and America were founded by members of the same family. As they grew in size and spread geographically, they became corporations, mergers of several companies or joint-stock companies, but in their origins they were often small but very ambitious family firms. In 1955, Italy was recovering from the war and Mussolini's regime, and the topic of transport development must have gradually become more and more relevant. Then the Radrizzani family established a company for the production of special agricultural machinery and some parts and components of motor vehicles. The realities of the events of that time prompted the founders to focus more on the production of components for assemblies and blocks for cars. And it achieved significant success precisely in this segment of mechanical engineering, having guessed the rapid development of the automobile industry all over the world. Axles with the ADR brand are currently very popular in many countries around the world. Although pneumatic and hydraulic spring suspensions, brake pads, and wheels are also well known.

The main emphasis in the company's work is on the scientific study of the technological aspects of the operation of these nodes, which are very important for the efficient and safe use of motor vehicles. But in addition to the opinions of experts, the ADR company also takes into account the needs and assessments of consumers of their products and makes adjustments in their developments. This approach turned out to be the most productive, and thanks to its application, the company now has 9 subsidiaries in 6 countries of the world, and all developments are practically innovative.

The filigree sharpening of the manufactured parts will not allow the use of products of unconfirmed origin or cheaper "analogues" as substitutes. Therefore, in order to maintain the quality level of those nodes from ADR, you should use only original spare parts or consumables supplied for you by a supplier company with a well-known and repeatedly tested background. One of such companies is "Grozber Ukraine" - sufficient experience, coordinated work organization and high-quality service to its customers - here is a brief portrait of this company.

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