AMAZONE agricultural machinery

Initially, since 1883, Heinrich Dreyer in the village of Hasbergen-Hasti, near the city of Osnabrück (Lower Saxony, Germany), began to produce grain cleaning machines at the AMAZONE WERKE factory , although this family produced similar products earlier. The name of the company is depicted in the logo in the form of a woman on a horse (Amazon). The specifics of the company have not changed for almost 140 years, only approaches and technologies have been improved. Already in 1915, the production of fertilizer distribution units began, and in 1942 - potato harvesters. The founder and his descendants did not rest on their laurels, but were constantly looking for something new and better.

This German company is in search of optimally performed work by both agricultural machinery and utility machines for the care of green areas and special means for surface treatment in winter conditions. For farmers, the company produces an extremely wide range of various equipment, and its units for applying fertilizers are among the best in the world. The company has been cooperating with Ukrainian dealers for a long time and has established close relations with some of them. Ukrainian consumers of Amazone products will benefit from this cooperation, because they are dealing with a reliable and responsible supplier, the spare parts or consumables purchased from such a company will certainly be of the appropriate original quality, which will increase the resource of your Amazone equipment and will not deteriorate its technical indicators.

This is the company "Grozber Ukraine", which has more than 10 years of work in the market of agricultural machinery, developed economic ties with leading manufacturers from different countries of the world, extensive experience in how to organize the supply of products in the optimal way, how to make technical service as convenient as possible. and useful for consumers. All this is the corporate style of Grozber Ukraine. Details can be found on the pages of the company's catalog on its website, where you will find the necessary information in the " Amazone company" section. If you need anything additional, call, write and we will help you.

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