CLAAS agricultural machinery

As in many other companies that have become world leaders over time, the founder of the Claas company in 1913 is the entrepreneur and inventor August Klaas from North Rhine Westphalia - the most successful part of Germany. The company expanded its capacities step by step and country by country. Even now, in the conditions when there is a war in Ukraine, the company has found opportunities to supply spare parts to Ukraine, because it is clearly aware that the role of Ukrainian farmers in the issue of providing the people of the earth with products is unmatched. The range of products produced includes tractors, combines, equipment for fodder production and loaders - everything here is traditional. And the development of the activity has been taking place for several years due to the increase in personnel, and these are mainly information technology specialists. So with a meticulously precise balance between the established approach and the newest ideas.

Thanks to state-of-the-art developments on new units from Klaas, it is possible to use the automatic documentation mode - when the combine is still in the field, and the office already knows what, how much and with what parameters it is grinding or still threshing. In addition to obtaining information about the grain, this technology also provides an opportunity for the retired, and most importantly, to know about the equipment settings in a timely manner, monitor it and plan the next maintenance. All together, it increases work efficiency and, accordingly, productivity by almost 10 percent.

The company has started the production of so-called autonomous units (it does this together with the venture fund Amathaon Capital and the company AMAZONE Group ). What is more, not only the sale of the latest models is planned, but also their rental - in order to spread the idea and test it in real conditions. This idea introduces a fully autonomous farming system. At the same time, hardware and virtual planning tools are easily scalable. By the way, all new developments are equipped with a diesel-electric drive.

All of the above should clearly orient customers of the Klaas company to the organization of maintenance together with the responsible supplier of components for the equipment of this brand. The company "Grozber Ukraine" already meets these criteria, and this is without a doubt .

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