Agricultural machinery DEWULF

The specialization of this company with plants in Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania lies in the production of machinery for growing root vegetables and potatoes. And she is a leader here on a global scale. Like some others DEWULF is a family affair. She is already 76 years old. Among the company's priorities: innovation, reliability and ... pleasant cooperation. The founder of the company was the son of a farmer, but he was more interested not in agronomy, but in agricultural machinery. And he began the production of various harvesters for harvesting: potatoes, carrots, leeks and chicory. With the acquisition in 2014 of the company Miedema , a well-known developer of equipment for growing potatoes in a complex (soil cultivation, planting material, technologies for preserving and sorting the harvested crop, transporting potatoes), things quickly went uphill. The success of the company during all the years of its work depended on the introduction of the latest developments, improvements in technology and simplification of the use of equipment.

Last year at the Interprom exhibition a model of a 4-row self-propelled potato harvesting wheeled harvester Enduro with screening without narrowing along the entire body of the machine was demonstrated virtually (due to the pandemic). This is the only harvester in the world with such capabilities for sieving the product on conveyors with a variable angle of the module in the range from 0 to 12 degrees, depending on the need. Such an operation is easily performed by the driver. In addition, it is possible to direct the product to bypass the cleaning module if it is not needed. Among the valuable qualities of this model, it is also worth noting the maximum reduction of pressure on the soil - up to 1.8 kg/cm 2 and the combine control system using a touch screen and an ergonomic joystick.

Only wear-resistant parts made of suitable materials are used in Dewulf equipment, and the bearings of the knife set are sealed using a "labyrinth seal", which makes their sealing perfect.

During maintenance, it is necessary to replace worn parts only with original ones, manufactured in the same place as the original ones and from a proven supplier, which is, in particular, the company "Grozber Ukraine". .

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