GERINGHOFF agricultural machinery

As of today, this is already the fifth generation of the family enterprise-company during its history since 1880. The beginning was a blacksmith’s, which is quite typical, and then the Geringhoff company appeared as a modern, international, large-scale production with three factories: the main one in the city of Allen, the second in one of the districts of Allen (it is from there that products are mainly shipped to dealers and consumers) and the third - in the city of St. Cloud (Minnesota, USA).

The Geringhoff company specializes in harvesting equipment. The main agricultural crop for her is corn. The fact is that cornfields are quite different in their conditions, structure and condition. Considering these circumstances, the company has developed six different harvesting systems to meet the needs of any farm. German pedantry came in handy here as well. In addition, their belt harvesters will be effective when harvesting not only corn, but also other grain, rapeseed, soybean and special crops (peas, lentils, herbs, etc.). The company emphasizes specifics - that is, if you need machinery for harvesting corn, you will get exactly such a unit, which will take into account all the features of this agricultural crop. At the same time, universal belt harvesters are easily adapted to a specific culture, and this is precisely their universality.

It is clear that such demanding equipment requires appropriate components that will not disturb its balance and ability to be the most effective for each individual crop. In order not to make a mistake with spare parts, you should buy them from experienced and proven dealers who, as a rule, have long-term business relationships with brand companies and have already earned their trust by their attitude to obligations. One of such companies is "Grosber Ukraine", known on the market of our country for its achievements and stability. Try to make sure of this yourself.

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