HORSCH agricultural machinery

The Horsh family has always declared that the most important thing for them is the love of agriculture and a caring, even gentle attitude towards the land. So the story of the company HORSCH Maschinen GmbH started with love. Such traditions can be safely called Ukrainian as well. The love of the company's founders for the land led them to create no-till farming, i.e. tillage without a plow. Then there were machines for sowing, for plant protection, etc. The owners of the company are not only developers-experimenters, but also practical farmers, that is, they test all their ideas on themselves in the field.

From 1970 to 1990, Dakwart Horsch had three areas of activity in the Zitzenhof estate: crop cultivation, animal husbandry (pig farming - the largest pig farm in Schwandorf) and the production of technical spirits. The surrounding lands were mainly rented and their area ranged from 250 to 440 hectares, and there was enough work for all of them, including five brothers and one sister ( children Dunquart and Brunhilda) and several employees.

The friendly Horsh family in the 70s of the last century had the courage to go off the beaten path, but to look for their own. And although trying to preserve one's individuality often causes resistance from those around them, these difficulties only strengthened the motivation of the Horsh family.

Horsch brand equipment . If you are in favor of equipment that meets its technical characteristics and this is proven in practice, then you buy such equipment and then everything you need for it from a verified dealer who, on his own experience, has honed his skills in this matter for more than 10 years of cooperation with leading brands optimal provision of his customers (to whom he treats the same way they treat the land on which they work), who has worked out additional convenient options for them, reduced the search time to the minimum and, most importantly, always puts the undoubted quality of products at the top of the corner, and this the originality of the origin of those parts and spare parts is guaranteed. We hope you have already guessed that we are talking about the company "Grozber Ukraine". The brand is well-known and popular among the agricultural public, so join!

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