Agricultural machinery KVERNELAND

The history of the Kverneland Group company is in many respects typical of equipment manufacturers. In 1879, in the village of Kverneland, 25 km from the city of Stavanger in the Kingdom of Norway, Ole Gabriel built a blacksmith workshop. And the first products were scythes and sickles. In just three years, a plow from Kverneland won a diploma at an exhibition in Stavanger. And only 40 years after that, the company switched to the production of tractors and various attachments for them. And in the early 40s, the company produced the first reversible plow with stone protection - this became a decisive moment in its history. Then there were the purchases of factories and companies in European countries, but the attitude to the search for absolute solutions remained unchanged.

To accurately position your business in the agricultural market system, it is necessary to correctly assess your opportunities and potential. In this matter, units from the KVERNELAND company are a reliable assistant for determining the strategy .

We need not just solutions, but ways that will make your agribusiness optimally successful even in difficult conditions . Why this particular company? And because it not only produces high-quality agricultural machinery, but also develops innovative electronic solutions to problems.

The model range is extremely long: there are balers-wrappers, disc mowers, spring plows, trailed sprayers, seed drills on a rotary harrow, spring precision seed drills, weight spreaders, spring stubble cultivators, etc. It is best to familiarize yourself with the full range in detail on the pages of the catalog of the dealer company. The Ukrainian company "Grozber Ukraine" has just such a catalog, which presents available spare parts for units of this brand.

Having received sufficient information in the catalog on the website of the Ukrainian dealer, after learning from his representatives about possible additional conveniences, favorable offers, you will be able to get the necessary spare parts in a short time. That is, in one "visit" to the pages of the company's website, you can learn about several things that are important to you. A similar path - several tasks in one pass - is the style of work from Kverneland.

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