Liebherr agricultural machinery

The principle of independence has found its expression even in the structure of the Liebherr group of companies - each of the production areas, of which there are only 13, is quite independent, but at the same time, the general management is carried out by the board of directors, which includes only members of the Liebherr family. And despite such a seemingly trivial approach, the company is considered a pioneer in many areas of its activity. According to the results of last year, the increase in the financial dimension of circulation amounted to 1.298 billion euros or 12.6% and reached 11.639 billion euros in total.

The history of the company is not long, only 73 years - that is, immediately after the end of the 2nd World War and the appearance of Germany on the map of Europe. The first product was a rotary quick-mounted tower crane - the first business of a small construction company at that time - Germany was rebuilding after the war. If the first crane was made for its own needs, then already after it the construction company turned into a machine-building company with a very wide profile of works. Even the refrigerator factory, which was put up for sale, caught Hans Liebgerr's eye. Having studied the technical side of the issue and the situation of these goods on the market, Hans did not buy that factory, but built his own.

Very quickly, new directions were added to the company's activities, but the principle remained unchanged - only excellent quality. No matter in which industry the Liebherr company worked, its products were always distinguished by excellent technologies and the best innovative developments. Specialists of this brand are engaged in the development and production of not only large machines, but also individual components and parts. The range of production includes: internal combustion engines, fuel supply systems, equipment for hydraulic systems, various gearboxes and winches, supporting and rotating devices, various electric machines, control systems and parts for electronics, for measuring equipment. The company also takes care of the restoration of components, while creating them with a compact and durable design.

For the Liebherr company, the principle of maintaining quality is paramount. Therefore, we advise you not to rely on chance, but to order the supply of components, parts, spare parts for Liebherr brand equipment through the company "Grozber Ukraine" in order not to let the manufacturer down.

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