MANITOU agricultural machinery

When, in 1958, in the West of France, Marcel Braud , while developing an original model of a loader, simply flipped the diagram of the tractor to the mountain with a fork and installed hydraulic steering control on it, he greatly surprised everyone around him. But this is how the world's first high-speed loader appeared. As it turned out a little later, mechanisms with high throughput are often required for loading/unloading work. The name of the company, as well as the actual mechanisms, was invented at a family meeting at Monsieur Breaux's - it literally means "skilled in everything, or does everything".

Among the models of forklifts there are machines with a lifting capacity of 500 kg and 1.8 t - such capacities cover as fully as possible all possible situations during loading operations. Since 1993, the production of lifting platforms with an electric motor and a maximum lifting height of 10 m has been started, with the development of a model range of platforms and a variety of lifting heights - from 8 to 28 meters. There is an extraordinary development of a telescopic loader with 360 0 axis rotation . This is when maneuverability simply goes off the scale. Next is the original model of the trailer loader, they are used to unload cars and in the logistics world they are called "experts of the last kilometer". Now the production of the various products listed here is carried out at 30 branch plants acquired by the Manitou company and located in different countries. And each innovative model is a complex of state-of-the-art and clearly measured technical solutions, bold technological discoveries. It all started with the creation of a high-passability tractor-loader. And he not only moved goods forward easily somewhere in the warehouse, he pushed the entire company far ahead of other, not so desperately brave manufacturers of equipment of this class.

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