Agricultural machinery MERLO

Since 1964, this Italian company has been producing transport vehicles for construction and agricultural businesses. For more than half a century of its history and the steady development of technologies, the search for innovative ideas, the MERLO company has won a leading position in the race of manufacturers of this type of mechanisms. The principles of the company's work consist in exclusively private capital and in the development and production of products at several industrial sites, but only in Italy - a kind of nationalistic pragmatism. It is difficult to say whether this approach to business contributed to the fact that the company is famous for its ability to predict the needs of the market in this area of mechanical engineering.

Italian manufacturers have gained worldwide popularity thanks to their telescopic loaders. These virtuoso machines are able to deliver or place your cargo in very tight conditions, with an uneven floor surface, if the cargo is bulky and heavy, and it needs to be placed high. The products of the MERLO company are used in construction, wood processing, agricultural and communal industries. The quality of products knows no complaints, and this is because everything in the mechanisms is calculated down to the smallest details and millimeters.

Therefore, by purchasing components for your Merlot movements from reputable suppliers, you preserve this filigree precision and get the maximum benefit from using such a technique. Which adds to the optimal use of warehouse space, convenient storage of materials. As they say: "put it away, take it closer."

The entire list of original spare parts for hanging mechanisms and aggregates manufactured by the Merlo company can be conveniently found in the catalog on the website of the Ukrainian company "Grozber Ukraine". There you can also get additional useful information about terms of purchase and delivery terms. The Grozber Ukraine company has sufficient experience in supplying products from branded manufacturers, well-established logistics and the necessary storage for parts and materials. As well as close relations with manufacturing companies, which guarantees fast and reliable delivery.

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