Save on stock deliveries from Europe

Stock deliveries from Europe and America from Grozber Ukraine LLC

As practice shows, not every detail is available on the Ukrainian market. And in such situations, when a client needs a certain spare part, but it is either not available on the Ukrainian market, or the price tag only repels the purchase, Grozber Ukraine LLC is always ready to offer a way out of this situation.

We offer:

  • Supplies of any possible brand;
  • Import from Europe in 3-7 days;
  • Import from America in 7-10 days;
  • Supplies directly from the manufacturer.

We deliver weekly, because we don't wait until a certain amount is collected for delivery to Ukraine, unlike competitors. Thanks to what you receive spare parts in the shortest possible time.

In addition to imports from Europe (5-7 days) and America (7-10 days), we offer stock deliveries directly from the manufacturer's factory. In this case, you get spare parts for a very pleasant price tag, which can please any farmer, for a slightly different period.

The process of forming an order for delivery is as simple as possible, and is as follows:

  • You contact a manager or an employee of our company contacts you;
  • You name the part number of the requested spare part;
  • If the article is not known, the manager specifies the serial number of your unit and, using the catalog, helps you choose the exact spare part you need;
  • You are informed about availability and all possible delivery options;
  • Conditions are negotiated and an order is formed;
  • And your order is on the way!

If you are a happy vehicle owner: ADR, CLAAS, John Deere, Lemken, Kverneland, AMAZONE, JCB, Horsch, CNH, Geringhoff, Merlo, Manitou. You already know what to do. And if not, then you don't need to worry. After all, in fact, we can help with any possible brand of equipment.

from Europe in 3-7 days
the best quality on the market
We work
without holidays
daily 24/7