Where to buy spare parts for seeders in Ukraine

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Recently produced seeders are a structurally complex mechanism that can ensure accurate sowing of seeds to the required depth, while maintaining the distance between seeds and so on. In addition to sowing operations, individual units can also apply fertilizers to the soil, thus performing two functional tasks at once. Given the fact that sowing is done in a precisely measured way to ensure maximum yield and prevent excessive use of seed, sowing techniques must be absolutely serviceable and reliable.


There are different types of seeders according to the method of sowing, as this is necessary for different crops and / or caused by different field conditions.

Among the species are the following:

  • Ordinary seeders - for planting seeds in a continuous way, they in turn are divided into single-row, narrow- and wide-row, belt, which is due to the peculiarities of sown areas.
  • Square-nest drills - the name suggests. Sowing is carried out on square or rectangular sections of fields, respectively..
  • Nesting drills - sowing occurs in rows and individual nests in them.
  • Dotted seeders - a feature of this sowing in the use of wide-row method with the placement of seeds at a certain distance between them.
  • Spreaders - sowing is done by scattering seeds over the entire surface of the field.

But in addition to the classification of seeders by method of planting seeds. They are still divided into species by sown crops. Since different crops provide different design and technological equipment, the equipment is divided into drills for:

  • legumes;
  • vegetable plants;
  • wheat.

In addition to the above types drills are aggregated with tractors by way of attachment or trailed method. They can be stubble, press and combined.

For fields with difficult terrain, mechanical grain drills are used, which provide the regulation of the main parameters - the depth and distance between rows. As a rule, such drills can be applied simultaneously. The design of these drills consists of a metal frame and footboard, two support wheels on both sides of the drill, divided into compartments for seed boxes and / or fertilizers, actual sowing devices, two-disc openers and tillage implements.

Seeders with a pneumatic seed placement mechanism will be more advantageous for particularly large fields. Because they have higher performance. Among the advantages of this type of seeders is even better preservation of grain integrity, which reduces the loss of seed.

If in mechanical drills the sowing material is moved along the vas deferens to the conveyor belt with finger levers, then in pneumatic - the seeds are moved under the pressure of the air mass supplied by the fan. At the same time, seeders with a mechanical system allow, in addition to sowing seeds of different crops, to immerse the soil at the same time, but at the same time they move across the field at a speed of up to 8 km / h. Pneumatic drills are sown more evenly and at higher speeds - up to 15 km / h.

If you have taken into account all the above factors when purchasing the seeder, and you have compared your plans for the types of crops with the quality, properties of your fields and the technical capabilities of your technology park, then it is a matter of timely proper maintenance of all equipment. in appropriate conditions, the implementation of all preventive care procedures and timely replacement of worn parts.


Spare parts for seeders must be selected as responsibly as you choose the direction in your agribusiness. After all, the expression: "what you sow, you will reap" can only be supplemented by one statement - as you sow, so you will reap. And to do your job well without quality tools and mechanisms is impossible.

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