How to choose the best combine

The functions of the harvester are to complete the annual agricultural cycle. This technique not only collects the crop, it sums up the entire work of the agricultural company's team, gives an opportunity to draw conclusions for making corrections in the next agricultural year. Therefore, the correct choice of combine harvester is a guarantee against incorrect conclusions and erroneous assessment of the work of many agricultural workers.

In order to navigate among numerous offers of various models and their modifications, first find out which harvesters are considered the best.

Overview of the best models of grain harvesters

Let's start with the most powerful representative, it is from the Claas family, the Lexion 8000 series, the Lexion model 8900 . Already the firstborn from the Claas company, which appeared in 1995, made a splash in this field. It has everything:

  • threshing drum width - 1700 mm;
  • engine with a capacity of 790 hp;
  • grain bunker with a volume of 18,000 l;
  • a harvester with a width of 13.8 m.

By increasing the reception channel by only 40 mm, the designers of the model achieved a 10% increase in productivity. Other innovations include a new engine and a system for adjusting its power according to the load (DYNAMIC Power), a new scanner that recognizes the edge of the track.

The next representative of the best family is the TC 5.30 model from the New Holland company. The unit is suitable for harvesting any agricultural crops, any granularity, as well as legumes.

Very economical in terms of fuel materials, ecologically safe and simple to maintain. The design of its internal device is very convenient. which greatly facilitates access and service of the harvester, which is important for daily inspection. Its engine has a volume of 5.9 liters and a power of 138 hp. More. than a capacious hopper of 35,000 l. As well as a rotating dust protection screen and a special stone catcher to prevent them from falling into the grain hopper. This model also has a system for selecting the operating mode with the required performance and speed. Multi-search - the name of the system speaks for itself - "multiple search". The harvester has a straw shaker with 5 keys, the total area of which is 5.3 m 2 . There is a model and additional options, such as:

  • air compressor;
  • trailed harvester;
  • sun protection awning.

Although the John Deere combine is in third place here, it is only in the order of listing the various best models. but in fact, this brand is known in all countries of the world, and this knowledge has a positive character. The mechanics of the S 700 model are based on the concepts of the previous model S 600, but the introduced intellectual innovations – in the control system and process automation – significantly distinguish the new product from its predecessor. And most importantly, they facilitate operational procedures. The level of productivity of the harvester , as well as other modes, are adjusted according to the criteria chosen by the operator.

Management operations, current changes in work are conveniently and clearly displayed using the 4600 CommandCenter screen, and quick access buttons make the harvester navigation simple. Movement speed is regulated automatically by the Harvest Smart system. And with the help of the ActiveYield system, accuracy in drawing up a yield map is increased, and without carrying out calibration measurements and trailer weighing. Instead of the operator and his manual work, this (calibration according to the indicators of the sensors about yield) and moisture of the grain is done by three sensors installed in the grain hopper. The grain cleaning system Dyna - flo has an area of 5.9 m2 , which allows to improve the quality of cleaning and, accordingly, to reduce losses. This process in this case needs a little more time. but thanks to the reduction of losses, yields increase: from corn - by 10%, and wheat or canola - by 13%. at the same time, the Advisor system automatically monitors the operation of the grinding system and adjusts this operation. so that productivity does not decrease regardless of moisture level and other parameters of grain condition. The operation of the Advisor and HarvestSmart systems makes it unnecessary to manually adjust the main processes.

The Active Terrain Adjustment system will be useful for harvesting on hilly terrain. It will help reduce grain losses by reducing the amount of residues. In addition, the system will prevent the harvester from exceeding the speed of movement on slopes.

There are some innovations in the operator's cabin, which makes his work more convenient and efficient. Thus, the control of many processes is carried out using buttons located on the hydraulic lever. The conditions for visual inspection by the operator of work processes have been improved. thanks to the turns of his chair.

The next representative of the best class is the harvester Case IH 8250 Axial - Flow , a distinctive feature of which is a two-mode continuously variable transmission , equipped with an electric switch. As well as a modernized inclined camera and an additional automated harvest control system AFS.

This combine harvester model belongs to class A, which allows you to collect the largest harvest from large areas. The unit efficiently performs the work of harvesting cereals, legumes and technical crops regardless of weather conditions. Adjustment of settings in connection with changes in conditions and state of the crop is carried out automatically, up to the adjustment of the location of the guiding elements of the rotor casing.

The Case IH 8250 Axial-Flow combine is equipped with a 12.9-liter engine with a capacity of 480 hp, which can be increased to 555 hp. (For work in difficult conditions and special conditions of the crop). The unit also has a fuel tank with a volume of 1,200 liters for diesel fuel, its grain hopper holds a volume of 14,400 liters. The design of the auger (its length) allows unloading while moving, while maintaining an unloading speed of 144 l/s or completely unloading the hopper in 100 seconds.

And, finally, the fifth best representative of advanced brand combines. This is a Fendt IDEAL 9 T combine, manufactured by AGCO.

This model is also designed for harvesting large masses of crops, its grain hopper holds 17,000 l, which it unloads at a speed of 210 l/s or just over 80 seconds.

MAN combine harvester engine (engine volume – 15.2 l, power – 560 hp, with a possible increase of this indicator to 647 hp). A characteristic feature of this combine is that. that it moves on a caterpillar track , which makes it all passable.

The threshing unit of the Dual Helix combine has two rotors, each with a double helix and two rotors (length - 4.85 m, diameter - 600 mm). Such a number of rotors allows for threshing of a high level of quality, while maintaining a simple process regulation system and adjusting it to changing conditions.

Fendt IDEAL 9 T combine harvester will come to the rescue. when you need to hurry with the collection and the weather conditions (rains) have already deteriorated.

For a visual comparison of the above brand combine harvesters, a table with their main technical characteristics is given:

Name of node/model

Claas LEXION 8900

New Holland TC5.30

John Deere 5700

Case IH 8250 Axial-Flow




6-cylinder, Tier 3

Final Tier 4/Tier 2

Tier 4 B/Final

MAN Tier 4 Final

Volume of engines

16.2 l

5.9 l

9 l

12.5 l

15.2 l

Bunker capacity

18000 l

3500 l

10600 l

14400 l

17000 l

Grain unloading speed

180 l/s

50 l/s

116.3 l/s

158 l/s

210 l/s

Maximum power

790 hp

138 hp.

425 hp

555 hp

647 hp

As can be seen from the table, the difference in power indicators is striking. however, all five presented models of grain harvesters are among the most popular and innovatively attractive designs, or, in short, the best in the world. This example clearly demonstrates. that power is everything. Ago,

What to pay attention to when choosing a harvester first of all

The decisive factor can be some characteristic of such a complex mechanism, which is a harvester. But which indicators are the most important? Taking into account the trends of recent years in the field of energy resources, the indicator of the degree of energy saving during the operation of this unit will be one of the most important. And even more precisely, the best ratio of fuel consumption and the level of productivity of the equipment. And it is simplified as much as possible: the amount of spent PMM and the ability to issue total threshing per year in tons. Because. the parameters and technical capabilities of a whole list of nodes and blocks of the harvester contribute to the last indicator, here they are:

  • capacious hopper sizes ;
  • size (width) thresher ;
  • size (covering width) harvesters ;
  • average-theoretical indicators of grain losses in different field conditions;
  • guaranteed term of full operation ;
  • easiness in carrying out repair work - the possibility of fast and guaranteed (in terms of product quality) supply of spare parts and assemblies ;
  • the projected volume of the harvested crop depends on the expected yield and the available size of the sown areas.

After analyzing your raw data and comparing them with your far-reaching plans, you can make a fairly accurate and correct choice of equipment.

After determining the power option, you can decide which of the three main types of threshing-separating device (MSU) will best suit your conditions and preferences. As mentioned, there are three types:

  • rotary;
  • hybrid;
  • drum (or keyboard).

Machines with MSU drum type can have one- or two-drum threshing system and keyboard straw shaker. For example, DEUTZ-FAHR 6095 HTS and DEUTZ-FAHR C 9206 TS with six-key single-drum systems;

Machines with rotor system . For example, John Deere 9880 STS, Case IH Axial-Flow AF8240 and others;

Machines with hybrid systems , when the thresher is drum and the thresher is rotary. As in LEXION750 CLAAS. Its system includes tangential threshing drum and rotary separation.

There are advantages to both rotary harvesters (higher productivity) and drum units (their difference is greater versatility).

Accordingly, the rotor option is better suited for farms with high yields and large fields. As a starting point, the yield can be from 40 t/ha.

Keyboard or drum harvesters are better suited where there are frequent complications during grain harvesting: high humidity, clogging of material, etc.

But machines with a hybrid system are called such, because they are equally successful both when working in poor, wet conditions and in dry fields. However, with high clogging of the grain mass, keyboard combines will be the best.

In addition to the dependence of the choice of the type of MSU on field features, there is also an important factor of the range drive capabilities of the drum. The problem is that wheat needs 700-800 rpm. and for corn – only 300 rpm. And if the model you have chosen does not have such an option (reconfiguration of the drive ), but there is a need to change the speed of rotation of the MSU, then your choice was wrong.

One more aspect. If your combine is equipped with a wide-grip harvester, you will need an additional or more powerful seed spreader and straw spreader - the basic device may not have enough power. This situation is relevant for high yield. and that is why you chose a combine harvester with a wide header. Also, the size of the auger for unloading must be agreed with the size of the harvester: if it is wider, then - more.

And the elimination of such a cause of technical failure as the human factor will be facilitated by systems with automatic adjustment programs: CEMOS at CLAAS, and ICA at John Deere. The operator only needs to set the goal of the work: improving grain quality or reducing losses, etc. And automation will constantly monitor and adjust the operation of the entire combine in accordance with the task. At the same time, constantly and promptly informing the operator about the changes made and the results achieved.

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