Tractor used or new

Organization of profitable shopping

When buying a product, it is important to correctly determine your needs for this product, especially if it is a means of production. Existing experience with products from a manufacturer often helps in the choice. After all, technicians will be "familiar" with the tractor, and they will know about its advantages and possible difficulties in operation. This knowledge will be especially needed when the tractor is not brand-new.

But this is experience with specific models. And if you choose a new modification of a brand you know. Then the improvements installed on the unit will require additional information and, therefore, before making a decision it will be useful to get it from the seller's representative, ie to learn "in detail about all the details". As product specifications are often briefly described in advertisements, live communication will fill in the missing data. In particular, when the tractor is used, the most important thing will be to assess the degree of wear of its parts, given by a specialist to determine the necessary replacements and purchase the necessary spare parts for the tractor from a reliable supplier.

In addition to the technical aspects of the specialist, it is important to clarify the terms and methods of delivery, the availability of guarantees for the unit, the order of return of goods, etc., as well as the amount and methods of payment, whether there are bonus offers, etc.

The optimal choice of the right

Manufacturers of tractor equipment equip it with powerful engines and a wide range of additional options. And farms aim to solve various problems with the help of the same unit, so that the tractor provides quality plowing and other types of work in the field, so that the tractor can take out / bring different loads, use it for landscaping, etc. Therefore, the most popular among farmers are universal tractors. These units, in addition to their basic qualities, have a high ground clearance, track adjustment and, due to moderate traction - economical operation.

A tractor from the factory, what is it?

The presented products of two popular brands are such universal plowing tractors. And these are used tractors.

The information in the tables is taken from advertisements of companies-suppliers of imported tractor equipment. The significance is in the following:

the presence of different characteristics of some tractor parts and their absence in other models - specified / not specified price, year of manufacture, engine capacity and power, number of cylinders, mileage and operating time of the unit.

Tractors, used John Deere Claas used tractors
John Deere Tractor, used 6510 CLAAS Tractor Axion 950 Cmatic
price €26,170 ≈ $30,500
€135,000 (VAT incl.) 112 500 € (excluding VAT)
Tractor type/year of manufacture wheeled 1988 wheeled 2014
Mileage/hours 1000 km 7300 m/h
5045 m/h
Engine/ power /its volume and cylinders 105 hp/77 kW 6.7 l/6 cylinders FPT brand, in-line / 8.7 l / diesel 405 hp /298 kW /6 cylinders
Axles/wheels/tire wear No information available No information available 2 axes, 4x4 formula Rubber - rest 75%
John Deere Tractor, used 6930 CLAAS tractors | ARION 640-620 C
price €52,000 ≈ $60,600
No information No information
Tractor type/year of manufacture wheeled 2012 wheeled No information
Mileage/hours No information 6814 m/h No information No information
Engine/capacity and cylinders No information No information 140-165 HP No information
Add. information No information No information Cab 4-point suspension No information
John Deere Tractor, used 8330 Tractor Claas ARION 430-410.
price €64,200 without VAT ≈ $74,820 €77,040 (VAT included) No information No information
Tractor type/year of manufacture wheeled 2008 No information No information
Mileage/hours No information 16500 m/h No information No information
Engine/Power/ Volume / cylinders John Deere PowerTech, 300 hp/221 kW Turbo, 9 l. DPS/487 - 401 hp / 12.5 l. 4 cylinders
Add. information checkpoint PowerShift Automatic transmission QUADRISHIFT 16/16.
Add. information Axis 2 axes No information No information

The lack of technically important information does not provide confidence in the choice. Therefore, to avoid mistakes, you need to consult the supplier and your calculation. That is, the farmer must not forget about their interests during the purchase, when the tractor is used or from the factory.

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