Computer diagnostics

Computer diagnostics

Specialists of our company carry out complex computer diagnostics of special equipment, agricultural machinery and engines. The team of our masters guarantees only quality work.

The diagnostic process basically consists of several stages. First of all, an external inspection of the unit is carried out, immediately after which the type and degree of wear of parts is determined.

The main part of a universal diagnostic scanner is usually a computer with powerful software.

Thanks to the widest range of possibilities of computer diagnostics there is a possibility of diagnostics of the most various equipment, from the trailer to the combine.

Here is a short list of what the diagnostic scanner is capable of:

  • Self-diagnostics for reading and removing code errors in memory, deriving system parameters and the state of the computer;
  • Activation of configurations and adjustments that will be required to perform the repair;
  • Interaction with the indication system;
  • ECU settings
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