Service support

John Deere Service

Each machinery needs timely "support" for further rational and full operation.

Our key goal is to ensure the smooth operation of your unit, from trailer to combine.

Our company provides service for John Deere agricultural machinery, regardless of its complexity. Our operators are always ready to help you with any possible questions regarding agricultural machinery or come to your address with all the necessary equipment to get started immediately.

Service in "Grozber Ukraine" is:

  • Qualified service support during warranty and post-warranty service periods;
  • Special training for proper operation and maintenance of equipment;
  • Equipment that allows you to perform any type of robot repair equipment;
  • Service cars are equipped with a full set of all necessary tools, modern equipment for diagnostics of hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems of your unit.

Frequency of maintenance

As in the case of any other machinery, maintenance of agricultural machinery should not be neglected. After all, the more equipment is used, the more it needs maintenance. And even for equipment such as the John Deere tractor, daily care is required, which is as follows:

  • Assessment of the condition of the oil, its level in the engine, as well as the level of coolant;
  • Draining of precipitation and water residues from the drain and fuel filter;
  • Checking the oil level of the hydraulic system and transmission;
  • Tire inspection;
  • Lubrication of hitch elements, power take-off shaft, automatic hitch (if available);
  • Examination of tightening moments of bolts on wheels and fastening of ballast (the first week after commissioning of equipment it is necessary to do it every 3 hours);
  • Checking the two-beam radar sensor;
  • Checking the inflation pressure in the tires.

Intervals for the operations described below can be considered correct only under the condition of normal operation of the equipment. If your unit operates in extreme conditions, then it is better to carry out more frequent service.

The name of the operation on the TEK unit 500 h.
750 h.
1000 h.
1500 h.
Fuel filter change X

Change of filter on the water separator X

Change of filters of transmission and hydraulic system (the first filter needs to be changed in the first 100 hours of work)

Air intake system maintenance

Assessment of coolant status and addition of additives

Cleaning the fuel tank purge filter

Cleaning the respiratory valve of the bridge

Change of air filters of rough and fine cleaning of the engine

Change of recirculation and air filters of a cabin

Assessment of the condition of seat belts

Maintenance of all batteries

Replacement of transmission oil and tractor hydraulic system

Cleaning the hydraulic oil filter mesh

Oil change in the mechanical front-wheel drive hub and axle housing

Lubrication of the lower shaft of support shaft

Assessment of the condition of the belt tensioning device

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