Node recovery

Node recovery

If you are faced with the choice of replacing or repairing an already worn unit or part, do not rush to conclusions, because the problem can be solved by restoring the unit, and in this case we can offer the restoration of John Deere equipment.

The main purpose of restoration is to restore the serviceability of worn parts. The key factors in this process are:

  • Increasing the resource of working capacity;
  • Reduction of the final cost.

In the process of restoration, the goal is to increase the service life of the repaired unit or part from 20% to 100%. As a rule, the cost of such a part will not exceed half the cost of the original from the factory. The more resources you need, the greater the cost. Achieving actually 100% efficiency is possible, but take into account the following criteria:

  • Manual construction
  • Careful selection of parts
  • Removal of stresses of basic details in the course of preliminary operation.
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