Oil and consumables change

Oil change

As with any other machine, John Deere tractors and combines need constant oil monitoring.

Why is this necessary?

The process of changing the oil is paramount. After all, over time, it ages. The components in the composition can no longer perform their functions. Due to which the engine parts begin to wear out. And this, in turn, can lead to complete failure.

Effect of oil change:

  • Engine parts are much less susceptible to friction with each other;
  • The engine temperature returns to normal;
  • The maximum possible tightness of the engine is reached;
  • Improvement of anticorrosive properties.

The service life of engine oil for each unit is individual and directly depends on operating conditions.

Stages of oil change:

  • The engine is washed;
  • Old contaminated oil is drained;
  • Oil filter is replaced;
  • Fresh oil is poured into.

To avoid any problems with your unit, we strongly recommend that you closely monitor the condition of the oil and the regularity of its replacement. You should never save on oil, because the better it is, the longer it will last. All this will save you money on repairs that could be caused by using low-grade oil.

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