Repair and refueling of air conditioners

Diagnosis and repair of radiators

Repair of radiators, in most cases, is immeasurably more profitable than buying a new one. Whether it is a radiator or intercooler, this module is constantly under the great influence of high temperatures and constantly jumping pressure.

The entire engine cooling system is an extremely complex design, it allows you to control the best temperatures for reliable engine operation. This is the reason why you can not delay and postpone repairs and diagnostic work on the radiator, because it can lead to complete failure of the engine.

Our company uses only modern technologies, thanks to which professionals repair radiators of cooling systems of any possible complexity and on any agricultural machinery.

The list of the main processes which are carried out during repair and diagnostics of radiators:

  • search and elimination of radiator leaks;
  • soldering of honeycomb cores of a design of radiators;
  • performance of welding works;
  • restoration of tightness;
  • replacement of radiator cores;
  • washing, mechanical cleaning of radiators.

Diagnosis and repair of air conditioning systems

One of the main ways to improve the productivity of human labor is a properly functioning air conditioning system, because it makes a great contribution to human well-being.

AC systems are usually used in hard-to-reach places for natural air circulation, such as indoors, cars, agricultural machinery. They help maintain the necessary humidity and temperature, composition and speed of air movement, at a level favorable to human well-being.

AC system, as well as any system in technology needs due attention to itself, in the correct and timely repair and diagnostics. To maintain the operating condition of the AC, you need at least once a year to carry out full maintenance of the system.

Specialized equipment and experienced craftsmen are required to carry out repair work and maintenance of the AC systems. This is exactly what our company "Grosber Ukraine" can be proud of. Our engineers always have access to the necessary equipment for diagnostic work and repair.

First of all, the speaker system goes through a complete diagnosis and search for all sorts of leaks. The key reason for the possible inoperability of the speaker system is the leakage of freon.

When the system is depressurized, it is highly likely that instead of freon, there will be air with water evaporation products. All this has a negative effect on all elements of the speaker. In winter, in open systems, at temperatures below zero, the water freezes and blocks the TRV. The corrosion process is caused by contact with water, exposing the entire system to danger. To get rid of traces of water and air in the system, our specialists perform vacuuming. It is not necessary to perform vacuuming at future refueling of the AC.

Refueling the air conditioner

If the refrigerant is lost due to a leak or after replacing key components and hoses of your air conditioner, it is necessary to refuel the air conditioners to avoid loss of efficiency.

Our specialists refuel air conditioners using only modern gas stations. We service and repair cooling systems for combines, tractors, sprayers and forklifts of all world famous brands.

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