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Spare parts for agricultural machinery. Delivery, sale of agricultural spare parts. Huge selection

When an agricultural firm is faced with the problematic question of where to buy spare parts for agricultural machinery, the first preliminary answer sounds something like this: where it is most reliable and profitable. If the main criteria in choosing the company in which you would like to buy spare parts are its best terms of sale and delivery of parts, spare parts for your agricultural machinery, and the best price, then our online store is ready to help you not just to buy what you need, but turn the purchase into a hassle-free and prompt operation.

Proof of the above is our more than 10 years of experience in Ukraine in the market of spare parts directly from production to the consumer, and we do it as quickly as possible: we have bilateral agreements with manufacturers, and in our warehouses there are about 140 thousands of units of products, which reduces the delivery time; delivery across the territory of Ukraine is performed in all possible reliable ways - transport carriers, delivery services, self-pickup - you choose; We accept 4 types of payments - as you see fit. Detailed and convenient catalogs of companies (18 names of companies) will make choosing the necessary part, component or spare part as easy as it only possible.

Our company not only sells and supplies goods for agricultural machinery, but we also help to install replaceable components and define which components or parts need to be changed or repaired. By the way about the repair, in our repair shops you can repair equipment from John Deer and other brands with a discount of 20-25% and with a guarantee of quality. To determine the scope of repairs and / or the need for spare parts, our specialists will visit you and perform the necessary diagnostics.

In our store of agricultural machinery you can positively assess not only the convenience of dealing with us in the case of a single purchase, but also in long-term cooperation with the store. Try different services that we offer and find additional benefits, pros and bonuses. You will make sure that our range of spare parts for agricultural machinery: tractors and combines, seeders and harvesters, sprayers, watering cans, feeders, etc. is really endless, high quality and at a fair price.