Get a free troubleshooting of your equipment

Our company has been supplying spare parts for agricultural machineryfrom all the world's leading brands for many years. However, there is one with which we have even closer cooperation - this is the No. 1 American brand, John Deere. For owners of equipment with this brand, we provide not onlyspare parts, but also repair service.

For high-quality and timely detection of possible malfunctions in the operation of your equipment, we initiated the program "Pass a free troubleshooting of your equipment".

Technical expertise from the company "Grozber Ukraine"is carried out by our service team during its departure to your farm, or to another location of the equipment. Our specialists will carry out operational computerized diagnostics of the unit, during which they will install individual units that have technical deviations or malfunctions. Upon completion of the examination, a “Defect Testing Act” is drawn up, indicating in it a list of units that require repair or replacement of their parts. The engineer of this service team will provide you with full information on the cost of the necessary spare parts, the timing of their delivery and the term for the repair work on site and upon completion of its work.

Timely and at the same time free examination of the condition of the equipment - this alone makes our offer quite profitable. And the fact that our specialists have been supplying spare parts for John Deere for many years and have thoroughly studied its products looks like a frank bonus for you.

Although it is quite profitable and easy for our customers to buy from us: parts for John Deere, parts for Horsh, parts for Amazone, >parts for Lemken – because we directly supply them from manufacturers and do it in the shortest possible time – up to 7 days. We have large stocks of parts already in the warehouses of the company here in Ukraine and then the delivery can be even faster. For regular customers we offer various additional services and discounts, we constantly simplify the process of paying for purchases. Because your successful activity brings us positive emotions, and not just material income.

Would you like to see for yourself? Then register on our website, indicate how our manager can contact you and test your equipment and our work!

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