Where to buy spare parts for cultivators in Ukraine

Analyzing the articles and advertising materials available on the Internet, which contain information about spare parts for cultivators, it is not difficult to note one general trend: the materials emphasize the versatility of this unit. That cultivators can perform several functional tasks and often simultaneously. What is the main trend in the development of the market of agricultural machinery in particular and machinery in general. Of course, the versatility of the mechanisms leads to time savings, lower labor costs and lower production costs. Although in a universal device, machine, unit there will always be some function of the main, and others - additional, not basic. However, the details of each of the units of the unit will always be unique, ie designed for a specific node with the exact parameters of size and its technological qualities. If you replace them with something similar. The result will most likely not be as described in the description of this mechanism. In addition, "almost" the same spare part may not be of adequate strength (otherwise it would not be cheaper!) And accordingly will fail much earlier than the original part. And then due to the unplanned purchase of additional spare parts, all the economic effect of the alleged savings will disappear.

The first stage of choosing spare parts for cultivators

If your equipment has failed, does not give the desired result, then first of all you need to determine exactly what is the cause of poor performance. This is not always possible to see right away. Therefore, for fidelity, you can consult with experts from the company-supplier of spare parts for cultivators, describing them the abnormality of the process of operation of the unit or make your own decision.

Then you should determine the list of parts to be replaced, so as not to have to replace a few more that also wore down due to that obviously broken one. With the simplicity of the design of cultivators, they can be many:

  • Inserts;
  • Holders;
  • Brackets;
  • Hands;
  • Hinges;
  • Racks;
  • Lifting and pushing rods;
  • Hydraulics;
  • Wheel hubs;
  • Bolts;
  • Shock-absorbing springs;
  • Parts of the mechanism for regulating the depth of tillage;
  • And much more that can be on your cultivator.

The list above is probably not complete, as the variety of models of cultivators involves the use of many components. But you will see what you need to buy to fully restore the functions of the cultivator. Further, it is desirable to write down the nomenclature numbers of the parts selected for replacement with their technical characteristics, parameters in accordance with the specification attached to the unit, so as not to "look for a needle in a haystack".

Where, from which suppliers it is better to buy spare parts for the cultivator

First, about those companies from which you should not buy spare parts. These include companies or individual entrepreneurs who do not have long experience in the supply of spare parts from branded manufacturers. Because such firms usually act as an additional unnecessary link in the supply chain. They do not have and can hardly have serious contractual obligations to manufacturing companies. And the latter will not formalize their business contacts with newcomers or individuals without reliable financial guarantees of their work. In the business world, as well as life in general, trust first of all those who have known and well known for a long time, who have repeatedly proved their responsible attitude to obligations and who demonstrate their intention to work in this market segment long and stable.

Some companies, operators of the market of spare parts for cultivators advise experts from agricultural firms to independently check the quality of the parts offered to them. And very carefully inspecting the products, look for all sorts of microscopic defects in the form of cracks, scratches and roughness, determine "by eye" compliance with the metal recommended for these products, "I do not know how" to check the wear resistance of parts and much more unrealistic stuff.

Although in fact all this must be done by the supplier, organizing its cooperation with manufacturers on mutual responsibility and quality assurance of spare parts. This is how they treat their responsibilities in stable companies, where they attract customers not with a low price, but with the reliability of the product and its long-term use in working with the preservation of all functional indicators.

One such company with a guaranteed successful cooperation is the company "Grozber". The quality of the original spare parts sold by it is confirmed not only by many years of practice, but also by the close mutual trust between the world brands companies and the company "Grozber".

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