Service and repair of agricultural tractor brand John Deere

The system of trouble-free operation of equipment depends on the reliability of a particular tractor - how well it is designed and assembled, as well as on strict adherence to the rules of operation of agricultural machinery. The set of operating rules includes timely technical service, mandatory repair or replacement in case of failure of a separate part or assembly. At the same time, replacements are made for similar (high-quality original) products and consumables, and the repair and maintenance work themselves are carried out by specialists with a sufficient level of qualification. Carrying out scheduled and overhaul repairs in accordance with the schedule, and in case of prolonged overloads in agricultural works - with a reduction in overhaul periods.

When the above conditions are met, the price of the cost of operating the tractor will actually be lower than in the absence of a planned organization of work

Benefit from Grozber Ukraine when repairing John Deere tractor

When performing any kind of work, a diligent owner tries to avoid unnecessary and unjustified costs. And quality tractor diagnostics will help you avoid them to determine the really faulty parts, the degree of their malfunction - hence the need for repair or replacement. As well as setting the required depth of disassembly of the unit - the process of removing individual components is often time-consuming and significantly lengthens the time for its implementation, so limiting the amount of preparatory work will reduce the downtime of the equipment and the amount of your costs.

Specialists from Grozber are ready to help you with this departure to the location of your tractor. Their experience will tell you how to repair the unit in the most economical way. They will check compliance with the service rules and issue recommendations for improving operating conditions, which will extend the life of agricultural machinery until overhaul and increase its return.

If it is necessary to carry out complex repairs, Grozber Ukraine specialists dismantle the unit or units to perform restoration work in the company's workshops, where we are able to adhere to all the standards and requirements for these types of work put forward by the John Deere Company, and 100% guarantee the quality of work without changing the technical specifications for the repaired parts.

Our team on the road

Order Departure of our repair team is very simple and its arrival to you will not keep you waiting. Since our team will leave for you immediately after placing the order.

If, as a result of their assessment of the nature of the damage and the degree of deterioration or wear, it turns out that repair or replacement can be made here and now. Then the brigade will do everything necessary.

Departure of specialists is possible in case of a sudden breakdown and / or to help in carrying out current repairs of the tractor. Working together with our experts will save you on costs and speed up repair time. In addition, the cost of work will be positively affected by the fact that we do not include fees for the use of a well-known brand in the price, as well as our advertising costs, which reduces the total cost by 20-25% compared to other companies. Our teams are ready to provide their services in any region of Ukraine and issue guarantees for the work and parts they have performed.

Details about the repair of tractor parts and assemblies

In a tractor, as in any mechanical unit, there are parts that are more prone to breakage and wear, since they take on most of the loads. Experts initially know typical components, which will most likely only require maintenance and repair.

Here are the main parts that most often happen failures:

•Faults in separating-aggregative and monoblock systems;

•Faults in the gearbox, in the brake system, in the clutch mechanism;

•Failure of electrical equipment;

•Failure of devices (signal and lighting);

•Loss of motor power;

•Battery failure;

•Faulty starter, alternator or relay.

In the complex of services of the company "Grozber Ukraine" there is one that cannot be refused. As it was already written here a little higher, a team of specialists from our company can go to determine what kind of repair is needed and for its optimal implementation with a guaranteed result. But that's not all.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have initiated the "Get Your Machine Troubleshooting Free" program. This mobile service team will perform technical due diligence at the start of work on site at your farm or other location. computer diagnostics of the tractor will be carried out and it will be established which of the nodes has a technical malfunction and does not meet the specifications. According to the conclusion of the experts, the Troubleshooting Report compiled by them contains a list of nodes for repair or replacement. You will also immediately receive other information of interest to you on this issue, such as the cost of labor, spare parts, their delivery time and the necessary period of time for repair operations. And all this at no extra charge!

Modern tractors from John Deere require an adequate approach to their maintenance and repair. Our company supplies original products from most of the world 's manufacturers of agricultural machinery and does it as quickly as possible. But the long-term mutual cooperation between Grozber Ukraine and the John Deer company allowed our employees, in addition to standard distribution activities, to gain comprehensive experience in working with the products of this world-famous brand. Our specialists successfully use it, serving the owners of tractors of this brand. Carrying out repair work at the highest professional level, which does not reduce the technical performance of the equipment and it effectively serves you for a long period of time.


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