How to buy agricultural equipment with savings

In general, there are several ways to buy agricultural machinery with cost savings. The first and simplest is . to make a purchase not then. when you and many others want to buy, and when the demand is the least. As for agricultural units . then such a period of calm in this market segment falls on the off-season. After that . when all work is completed. and the new period is still quite a long way off.

What are the benefits of buying in the off-season

In a period when, as a rule, supply significantly exceeds demand, according to the law of the market, prices decrease and sellers can even introduce temporary additional discounts, because if this is a downtime period for farmers, then it is desirable for trade to maintain turnover volumes all year round, as, indeed, manufacturers. They simply do not have seasonality in their work due to many factors. In addition to lower prices, there is another aspect in favor of such a choice of time for purchase - as already mentioned during the off-season, supply exceeds demand, that is, prices become lower, and the choice, the range of goods, on the contrary, increases. And this turn of events makes it possible not only to save money , but also to pick up everything you need right away, and not just that . what is available. True, with a relative abundance of goods, it is still important to choose consciously and “sort through” offers so that the seller has a need for something additional to stimulate you. In other words, having initially favorable conditions, the buyer should not lose his advantage, but make the most of it, and he will be rewarded with savings on purchase . And at the end of the description of this method of economical purchase, it should be added that such a “profitable” overflow of product shelves, a wide range of assortment and more affordable prices will be, first of all, for those companies that operate on the market . agricultural machinery for a long time, have established connections and deliveries from manufacturers. While it is much more difficult for casual sellers to make concessions to customers . and the quality of their goods can fail during operation, and the seller, in order to ask him "already caught a trace."

Savings - in leasing

The purchase of agricultural machinery on lease is a real and significant savings when buying. In the world, this type of investment has long been popular and many enjoy its benefits. In general, every 6-7 investments in the world are made under a leasing scheme (in economically developed countries, even more - every third). That is, this way of buying is not a means for the poor.

On the other hand, many branded companies in the world sell their products under a leasing scheme . Among them were seen in particular companies: Claas , Lemken , Franz Klein . Of course, in the case of acquisition in this way, it is necessary to focus on reputable companies that have mastered leasing operations and have a wide range of supplies from many manufacturing companies. Although, on the other hand, non-reputable operators of our agricultural machinery market can hardly have such offers for customers, because leasing is also trust between the manufacturer, the seller-supplier and the client. And the savings in this purchase option is that you receive the product very quickly, and pay for it over time.

The third way to save money when buying agricultural machinery - auction

Although the purchase of non-new equipment has long been the most common way to save money when buying, but this method - through an online auction has been operating until recently. although quite successfully. What is the meaning of this way of buying? In the USA, non-new agricultural machinery units are put up for sale in large quantities and in a wide range , but it is an expensive pleasure to go there to make a purchase, and then there is delivery, customs clearance and a lot of hassle when going through all the procedures, especially if you do not do such things all the time. Therefore, independent actions will only bring extra costs and loss of time.

And if there is a company with experience in buying equipment at an auction , with the knowledge of how to clear customs without long delays and has the means to deliver the unit to the client? The whole process is then much more likely to go faster, less hassle, and with a significant reduction in overhead. In addition, with the help of a highly experienced company, you will be able to choose a specific model from a certain manufacturing company, ultimately saving from a third of the costs or more compared to the price level for similar mechanisms here in Ukraine. If the company you contact regarding mediation in the purchase of agricultural machinery has sufficient experience, authority and capabilities, then you will have plenty to choose from. Because reputable companies and the product is not bad "face" - it can be all or almost all branded companies, such as: Case IH , Claas , John Deere , Kubota , New Holland and others.

The assortment of an experienced company may include:

- equipment for tillage in the pre-sowing period -0 plows, harrows, cultivators;

- equipment for sowing - seeders or combined units for 2-3 functions at the same time;

- equipment for irrigation - various mechanisms for irrigation;

- machines for applying fertilizers - spreaders and other mechanisms;

- mechanisms for harvesting - combines , harvesters and other harvesting equipment;

- any special technique for growing a particular crop.

And most importantly: with the help of a professional company with extensive experience in the agricultural sector of the economy in general and in the auction trade in particular, you can really save up to 30-40% on the purchase of agricultural machinery from the cost of analogues sold in our country.

The only thing that may not be so attractive is the delivery time of the unit, they can be about two months, since the registration process. transportation of an oversized product. customs procedures can be quite lengthy. Therefore, in order for the unit to arrive on time, you need to take care of the application for it in advance.

The intermediary firm will accompany the equipment you bought throughout the entire journey from the seller, during transportation, import into the country and deliver it to the location of the buyer.


However, you can save money not once when buying units of equipment, but also later during the maintenance of the purchased units. Here the methods are the same as when buying - by purchasing only original spare parts, troubleshooting by professionals and following all the instructions regarding the service of equipment, you will actually save money all the time. and your equipment will work with maximum efficiency for a long time. As a guide, one of these companies, Grozber Ukraine, professes exactly this approach - only high-quality goods and only highly professional service.


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