How to repair a harvester efficiently and inexpensively

Maintenance of harvesters is usually carried out during the off-season. those. either before active work in the field - in the spring-summer period, or after them - in the autumn-winter. Although the equipment requires maintenance all year round, but timely and high-quality service procedures will save your financial costs and reduce both downtime in repairs, and the number of repairs themselves. Therefore, the answer to the question how to repair the harvester can be the phrase: do maintenance well and on time.

Constant care as cost reduction

The maintenance system includes regular procedures to keep materials, assemblies and parts of the combine in working order, updating lubricants and technical fluids, replacing filters and worn parts. elimination of damage to the metal surface of component parts. At the same time, technical diagnostics of assemblies, parts are carried out and, based on the identified deviations, small and medium-sized breakdowns are eliminated by repairing or replacing them. In more serious cases, major and major repairs of such parts of combines as:

  • bridges ,
  • bunkers for grains .
  • engines ,
  • running parts ,
  • reducers ,
  • hydrostatic transmissions,
  • Idler chains and drive sprockets
  • headers ,
  • threshing nodes ,
  • air conditioning systems,
  • hydraulic systems,electrical equipment.

In addition to regular maintenance, reducing costs is also influenced by the ability to quickly, absolutely qualitatively and with a full guarantee repair the harvester, thus reducing up to minimizing downtime and extending for a long service life before re-repair.

Grozbear Ukraine provides an immediate departure of the repair team to your place. These specialists have vast experience in repairing combines, are equipped with the highest quality equipment for both repair and troubleshooting of your equipment on site, which they will do first of all. On a repaired combine, our team will replace only those parts and assemblies that require replacement, while newly installed parts will only be of original quality, and they, accordingly, will not worsen the technical performance of the combine, and their service life will allow the unit to work for a long time and without problems. In addition to the above, there is another important aspect - prices for repairs, performed by our company's specialists, are on average 20-25% lower. than our competitors, as they do not take into account the premium for a popular brand and the cost of our advertising costs.

Causes of breakdowns, malfunctions of individual components and parts of the combine

There are many of them, they are different, and they belong to the most different nodes and parts of the combine. Of course, the nature of malfunctions depends on the function performed by the given node and on the possible influence from outside on this node. So the cutting unit of the combine (located on the header or pick-up) fails, as a rule, due to the ingress of stones on it, as well as due to wear on the surface of the hole of the connecting rod head, seats of the rocker arm mounting hinge , due to bending of the pin bar corners, due to twisting and arching of the fingers, due to wear on the mounting rails and the teeth of the cheeks of the connecting rod head.

Of the other nodes prone to malfunctions, the following can be noted:

  • screw breakage and wear;
  • control panel failure;
  • hydraulic cylinder failure;
  • frame wear;
  • knife defect;
  • gear breakage;
  • screw breakage;
  • headstock failure;
  • finger wear;
  • hydraulic pump failure;
  • failure of electrical equipment;
  • breakage of fasteners.

Although this list cannot be considered exhaustive, a harvester is a large and complex mechanism, including dozens of small mechanisms, which can be used in a wide variety of field conditions and therefore have a difficult to count number of reasons for failure, which can be dealt with professionally and efficiently only specialists with sufficient experience in servicing this type of agricultural machinery will be able to. Significantly complicates the conditions and, accordingly, the quality of the repair, the need to perform it outside the workshop with a full set of tools, fixtures and all kinds of equipment. It is this factor that is taken into account by our company, and we try to eliminate all these difficulties as much as possible by filling the repair team with tools and thanks to their high professionalism.

Repair of combine components John Deere

Let's start the review by looking at engine repairs. In general, diagnostics is important when repairing any machine unit. but for the engine it is more than necessary, since a motor malfunction cannot be determined simply “by eye”. And without knowing the true reason - you should not take on the redoing of something.

To repair the engine quickly and efficiently, our specialists will need those. unit documentation. So to speak, to find out the anamnesis (history preceding the breakdown). After that, computer diagnostics will be done with a list of errors. Then diagnosis of individual engine systems, as well as fuel system, as a very important factor in the possible impact on engine operating conditions. After that, the operation of the lubrication system is checked, control measurements of pressure in the oil lines are performed. Only after that, specialists will have a clear picture of the condition of the combine engine, and then the search for the right solution to the problem will not be long in coming.

When conducting verification diagnostics and monitoring workflows, it can become clear that the true reason for the failure of the unit is the lack of proper maintenance both in terms and in the set of procedures performed, their poor performance. Or the use of not quality consumables. As well as incorrect selection of the engine operation mode and unreasonable use of maximum loads. That is, in addition to the impact of a technical nature. the notorious human factor can be a possible reason for the failure of equipment. These situations can occur everywhere and almost always. but a regular diagnostic check will help to correct the operating conditions of the combine in time and correct all errors. If the malfunction has already acquired a serious character, then the same team of repairmen from the Grozber Ukraine company will help to eliminate the malfunctions extremely quickly and exclusively with high quality, to resume the working condition of your unit.

In some difficult cases, our specialists dismantle the engine in order to transport it to our specialized workshop, where even the most complex repairs will be carried out with complete disassembly of the engine, its thorough washing, removal of carbon deposits and cleaning of channels, etc.

In this connection, we additionally notify that our company performs repair work with the full range of John Deere engines (more than 100 modifications).

We are also ready to repair the transmission, gearbox. Our experts are familiar with all types of transmissions of this brand and know how to maintain them. At the same time, upon completion of the repair, the corrected gearboxes or transmissions are checked on special stands in order to confirm the correctness and completeness of the work performed. We repair gearboxes in compliance with all manufacturer's requirementsfor 24 combine harvester models.

The list of services of our company, in addition to replacing worn parts with new, original products, also includes the function of restoring worn parts. Of course, taking into account the possibility of returning them to original technical characteristics. This option allows you to further reduce the amount of expenses for the repair of equipment and extend the life of its individual parts. At the same time, remanufactured parts are in no way inferior to new products, since we used certified materials and original manufacturer's specifications when processing them.

The technical condition of the fuel system determines the level of efficient operation of the entire combine as a whole. At the same time, degree of wear and correctness of settingssystem elements are very important, on which spray quality and injector service life depend. And neglecting the timely repair of high pressure fuel pumps and injectors is more expensive for yourself.

Thanks to the availability of modern diagnostic equipment, our specialists can identify faults in the fuel system at an early stage and thus prevent more serious repairs and prevent fuel overrun due to sprayer failure.

If the violation in the mode of operation of the nozzles was not eliminated in a timely manner, then there will be a need for a major overhaul of these parts. Such repairs are carried out in several stages: testing in three basic modes, checking the fuel level, after determining the actual faulty element, it is replaced. Next, hull centering and selection of needles corresponding to the hydroplane are performed, then final testing and certification of the unit as a whole. The whole process can take at least a day of work.

To maintain a turbocharger, regular applications of lubricants and technical fluids are necessary, since without them, wear of the casing walls, overheating and, as a result, compressor failure, will significantly accelerate . But on the other hand, these chemically active substances, if used more than enough, can adversely affect the components that are located in the immediate vicinity of the compressor.

With regard to radiators, it is known that repairing these units is much more profitable than buying a new one. The repair itself consists mainly in eliminating a leak from its body, and as a last resort, replacing its honeycombs.

The importance of the air conditioning system is also well known to the zealous owners of agricultural machinery. Their operation not only creates conditions for the combine operator. but also improves the quality of the products produced by the combine. For. so that the quality does not deteriorate due to the air conditioner, it is enough to carry out maintenance once a year of this equipment and do it with special devices and by qualified specialists. The main scourge of the air conditioner is its depressurization, which is eliminated by creating vacuum conditions inside the device and removing harmful wet fumes.

When repairing the combine screens, zinc-coated girth combs are used, precision welding is performed in the required places and some other technological procedures. At the same time, the adjusting mechanism is restored, the comb is replaced (if necessary) over the entire separation area, new comb axes are installed, their new stabilizer is performed, anti-corrosion surface treatment >.

In the hydraulic system, after diagnostics and repair of the hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and other parts of the system, oils and filters are replaced in the transmission of the hydraulic system. And in the end, all elements of the system are tested.

How to thoroughly prepare your harvester for the harvest season

An indicator of the correctness of the preparatory work will be the absence or minimization of equipment downtime during the harvest. As you know, just one hour of downtime combine during the harvest period leads to a loss of 0.13% of the crop as a whole only due to grain shedding. which will take place during this hour. With a significant deterioration of the combine (up to 95%), losses behind it - behind the header (or pick-up platform), in the threshing apparatus can be up to 24% or almost a quarter of the total mass of grain. At the same time, the level of losses is considered acceptable: behind the header - up to 1 %, behind the pick-up platform - up to 0.5%, behind the threshing machine - up to 1.5%. These standards are incorporated in the design of the harvester and derived by precise engineering calculations.

What does it take to achieve these results? Constant and strict observance of the rules for the maintenance and repair of the combine harvester, not violating the technical conditions of its operation and the instructions of the manual.

Often the cause of losses is improper storage conditions for equipment in the winter season. In particular, at the pick-up platform, its non-metallic parts lose elasticity, as a result of which failure of the web, separation and stretching of the belts and other changes in the physical characteristics of parts of the pick-up platform are possible. In preparation for the harvest season, it is necessary to carefully check all the components of this assembly for their integrity and undeformed surface. So that all gaps and distances correspond to passport data. breakage of fingers and damages in clips are not allowed.

Now about couplings. Everything is simple here: if at the end of the season the coupling springs were not unloaded, then they lost their elasticity and were probably deformed. But to perform their function, the springs must be in uniform contact with the disk, and the gaps between their turns should not be less and not more than 0.2 mm. It is very easy to break these parameters. and it's pretty hard to fix. More on chains. To determine the state of chain drives, there is no diagnostic equipment yet, and therefore the malfunction is assessed by the presence of breaks, deformation of the plates, and destruction of the rollers. With such shortcomings, replacements are made. The Belt Condition is also visually inspected for oiling, delamination, line damage and loss of pass shape, which are not allowed.

To ensure the normal operation of the combine, the serviceability of the bearing assemblies, the working condition of the brakes, the integrity of the driving and driven wheels are also important. It is possible to avoid these problems only in case of steadfast implementation of the technical order for the service maintenance of the combine, the use of only original quality products as spare parts and regular consultations with specialists - complex equipment requires a serious attitude to itself. and in return, it delivers highly efficient performance.

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