Which tractor trailer to choose

Before you decide which tractor trailer to choose, you need to stock up on information about the types, types of trailers and their characteristics. And also about their "inseparable partner" at work - a tractor. Among the entire list of equipment involved in agribusiness, the most useful mechanism is tractor. With its help, a significant part of the work is carried out: both in the field and in the yard of the farm . and at the station of machine operators, and near granaries. Of course, various mounted and trailed attachments give the tractor versatility. That is, the functions that a tractor can perform depend on the purpose of the trailers and attachments. In this case, we are talking about trailers. For example, to carry out watering work in the field, you will need a container trailer with a pump for taking water from open reservoirs and a mechanism for supplying it to the field. For the distribution of feed in animal husbandry is also a mechanized trailer. But still, the main task for trailers is transportation of a variety of goods.

Classification is the basis of knowledge

Hence, the classification of trailers is carried out primarily according to their characteristics as vehicles. So, on what grounds trailers are classified:

  • Firstly , according to the body type - flatbed or tipper, that is, the difference here is in the way of unloading from the trailer. at the same time, sideboards can have folding sides on one, two or all three sides. Dump trucks have no options - all with a hydraulic mechanism to raise the trailer body, and unloading work can be done without the involvement of labor;
  • Secondly, according to the number of axles, they are divided into two-axle, three-axleand single-axle (semi-trailers). Here the number of axles indicates the ability of the structure to carry more or less heavy loads, and also allows you to calculate the load that is distributed along the axles, which is important for oversized cargo;
  • thirdly, by purpose (for what types of cargo the trailer is adapted) - for bulk and dry cargo or piece items, for liquid substances, for oversized cargo, for feed and many more different kinds and types of transported cargo;
  • fourthly , by the presence of special additional devices in the design of the trailer and its body. A wide variety is also possible here: from simply increasing the sides in height, to installing pressure-type devices or mechanical manipulators, it is also possible to equip the trailer with a ladder and other additions.

Regarding the last item from the list of classification features, it should be added that additional devices can be both passive in nature - for example, a body in the form of a container for liquid materials, or perform an active function, in this latter case, hydraulic tractor system, its power take-off shafts.

Other external factors affecting trailer selection

Having agreed with yourself the goals and tasks that will be solved with the help of a trailer, you can now correct the decision taking into account the capabilities and class of the existing tractor-tractor. So, for example, for a dump trailer with a volume of 14 m 3 and a load capacity of 12 tons, a tractor-tractor of the 3rd-4th class is required. Further, the following parameters of your tractor are very important:

  • what type of drawbar;
  • how are power take-offs and hydraulic fittings;
  • what is the performance of the hydraulic system

and some other technical characteristics, the importance of which depends on the type or type of trailer.

The dimensions and other site specific features of your transport yard may be important - especially in terms of trailer maintenance . equipped with any equipment.

The availability of your trailer maintenance and repair organization can be a defining aspect. Is there a reliable supplier of spare parts parts and consumables: technical fluids, tires and hydraulic system parts.

But at the same time, all this hassle of connecting the existing capabilities with the desired new abilities will be rewarded already by the . that often a well-chosen trailer successfully replaces a truck, which can be omitted and save on logistics costs.

From general to particular in order of rating liking

As a guideline for presenting the specification sheet . which should interest you when choosing the best tractor trailer for you:

  • trailer bogie manufacturer - for example, the world-leading Italian company in the manufacture of bridges - the company " ADR";
  • body volumes: for grain - for example, 15.4 m3 and in the version with extensions for sunflower - 24.4 m3;
  • capacity - for example: 12 tons, and / or axle load;
  • type of braking system (e.g. pneumatic);
  • what is the body angle (for example, 50 degrees);
  • what tractor power is required (for example, a tractor with a power of 90 hp or more is required for aggregation);
  • what tires are installed - brand and manufacturer (for example, 520/50-17 162А8 “ Starco ”);
  • is there a recommended speed of movement (for example, up to 20 km/ h);
  • is there hydraulic opening and closing of the tailgate.

If you have considered all the technical parameters of the trailer, and they satisfy you, then you will get not just one trailer, but a perfectly working tractor + trailer hitch .

On the trailer market there are PTS models , which are very popular among agricultural firms. first of all, its practicality and simplicity: for example, modification 2 PTS-6 is a tipper tractor trailer with a load capacity of 6 tons, it has an extended platform and sides, as well as an effective brake system. In addition, the trailer is easy to maintain and is distinguished by reliability, a long technological resource, good maneuverability and cross-country ability, which is also important in the conditions of most agricultural enterprises.

A bright representative of the class of semi-trailers equipped with a crane is a new development of company DLight . Model called DL AgroMaster .

Here are its main technical characteristics: tractor semi-trailer with hydraulic system, load capacity 10 t, body volume - 10 m3, with crane-type crane with load capacity up to 1 t and outreach - up to 5.6 m. The main scope of the trailer is agriculture. The trailer is based on a frame reinforced with two beams and a reliable bogie with a biaxial spring tandemFAD (manufactured by an Italian company) - taken together, they increase the efficiency and endurance of the trailer both in the field and in difficult road conditions, more precisely in off-road conditions. Under the DL AgroMaster brand, two modifications are produced: with a flatbed trailer “Big Bag ” (“Big Bag”) and with a tipper mechanism on three sides or dump trailer.

The model was conceived as a handling vehicle for transportation and self-unloading of piece cargo - bags with seeds, fertilizers, feed, etc. But with the development of various attachments for his crane, the range of transported and unloaded materials has expanded significantly, it additionally includes: hay, barrels, logs and various bulk materials in unpackaged form.

Model DL AgroMaster is standardized product in compliance co ISO 9001:2015, in product used high quality structural steel ( category steel S355 (EB 10219), all elements trailer have protective powder coverage and also components hydraulic systems . made branded companies . Type of coupling devices - three-point . Trailer aggregated With relevant tractors production Companies : John Deere, Case IH, Claas , New Holland. AT as optional hinged equipment possible : rotator , grippers for hay , for forest materials and for bulk cargo .

On Responsibility for Choice

In addition to the well-known models presented here, there are several more models on the trailed products market that compete with the named ones and your preference can be given to any of them, since it is difficult to advise anything specific. not knowing what individual conditions you have and what goal you set for yourself to solve it with the help of a trailer. The only thing we can advise with confidence is that in order to have enough confidence in your choice, make it only after carefully “looking around” and better with a reliable seller-supplier.

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