Affiliate program for final customers

The largest number among all our customers are final customers. And this is natural. When buying for themselves, experts usually approach this issue as responsibly as possible and at the same time rely on their knowledge and awareness in the choice. Apparently, this approach is correct, but if you want to increase your opportunities when buying and facilitate the material side of your transaction, then "Affiliate Program for Final Buyers" will be useful for you. Grosber Ukraine is ready to provide a number of benefits for its partners.

The package of this program provides regular messages with information about "spare parts for agricultural machinery" that you are interested in received in the warehouses of our company. The information can be provided in various formats, but is most convenient for buyers when there are separate catalog parts: spare parts for John Deere, spare parts for Horsch, spare parts for Amazon, spare parts for Lemken.

In addition to the characteristics of the products other useful information about them, about the services we provide, such as how to supply spare parts, what additional opportunities our customers receive, as well as up-to-date information about plans for your service team in your area may be sent - this information can significantly reduce your logistics costs and save time on repairs.

All this is posted on the pages of your personal account on our website, where in special mailings will also be entered the initial data on agricultural machinery, which is currently offered on particularly favorable terms in connection with various promotions and sales at a discount. In addition to the above, the program provides for the use of CRM system for control and analysis of procurement, to verify the relevant documentation.

In order to become a member of the "Affiliate Program for Final Customers" you need to register on our site on behalf of the manager of your farm, "request a contract" with one click and "clarify all relevant details with the manager of our company during his call to you. As you can see, the procedure is very simple, and it promises great benefits. We are waiting for you!

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