Affiliate program for services

To always have "at hand" the necessary spare parts for agricultural machinery - isn't it the dream of any of the farmers? Our company, Grosber Ukraine, not only supplies and sells original spare parts, but also provides its customers with services. Therefore, we understand all the problems and difficulties of our colleagues - service organizations.

To optimize service and repair work with agricultural machinery, we offer a "Partner Program for Services" - this method of work is based on the principle of "manufacturer for manufacturer" (PDP), which will greatly simplify and accelerate our cooperation, allow us to be more efficient, so delivery of spare parts is always on time, in the necessary place and in full compliance with

Our specialists will not only competently select specific parts from any catalog, for example: spare parts for Horsch, spare parts for Amazon, spare parts for Lemken, and our logistics partners will quickly - within 7 days deliver the part not only to your warehouse, but also in the field where you are currently doing repairs. In addition, our experienced professionals who have sufficient experience and are well aware of all the features or what are the spare parts for John Deere, if necessary, will advise your experts in difficult cases.

In order for the above-mentioned close joint work on solving technical tasks to become a reliable helper for you, the Affiliate Program will make mutual benefit systemic and success more important. To start, you need to register your company on our website, click "request a contract" and answer the call of our manager, who will explain all the details and nuances and contracts, and programs on how and why to work with the "Affiliate Program for Service services "is better, and will give you a chance to get an" Extra discount from the manager "(1-2%).

And then it's still easier, more efficient and more convenient. Want to make sure? Then we invite you to become our partner on the site!

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