Affiliate program for trading organizations

We are a trading company and our standard customer relationship is a customer relationship. But it is important to us not only to supply spare parts, and / or not just sell spare parts for agricultural machinery, but to contribute to your success in agribusiness. For us, Grosber Ukraine, it is beneficial for you to be successful. That is why we build our contacts with customers on a partnership basis.

At the same time, we clearly understand that partners can have different goals and methods of work, and we build our work on the interests of specific partners. One of the categories of partners is trading organizations. You and I are also colleagues and just have to understand each other well.

Within the framework of this Partnership program, there are two options for cooperation. One, is called "Basic", provides for the conclusion of an agreement between the parties. This approach increases the level of our obligations to you and gives even greater guarantees that by ordering, for example, spare parts for Lemken - you really get Lemken and it will happen as soon as possible. The cost of products for you will be basic, ie the minimum and when making a purchase through the site you will have the opportunity to have a small "Extra Discount" - 1-2% from our manager.

Another way or way of our cooperation with you is called "Special". This program provides interaction at a higher level. To implement it, you need to have your own site with a set (catalog, list of products) (if you do not already have it, we will help you create one). Then we will be able to integrate our product groups on your site, of course, according to your wishes. Our product groups have a clear classification and division by manufacturer to make it easier for us and your customers to make a choice. And according to his model to find spare parts for John Deere, or spare parts for Horsch, or, perhaps, spare parts for Amazon.

It is quite easy to activate this option. To do this, by registering on our site in the "trading organization", one click "request a contract". Then our manager will contact you, and you will agree on all possible details of the contract, in particular, and the whole partnership as a whole. Try to make your business more successful!

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