Repair of fuel pump and injectors

Repair of fuel pump, injectors and service of John Deere equipment

The fuel system is the heart of every John Deere diesel engine. Its purpose is to mechanically spray fuel by high pressure.

In idle mode, the efficiency of the diesel engine depends entirely on the level of wear and correctness of the settings of the fuel system elements. Therefore, the quality of fuel spraying, the degree of wear of the nozzles and the pressure - these are the main parameters of the system, the correctness of which directly affects the service life of the injectors. But as often happens, these parameters are characterized by failures, therefore, the planned diagnosis is necessary. If you neglect engine maintenance, then there is a high probability that the injectors will need to be repaired or completely replaced.

Diagnosis of fuel pumps and injectors from Grosber Ukraine LLC

A key element of each set of repair works is equipment diagnostics. Each fault is investigated by our masters with the help of specialized equipment, so all problem areas are identified at the earliest possible time. All this makes it possible to avoid overpaying for repairs.

In most cases, the sprayer fails first while in the combustion chamber. Fuel consumption is usually due to the expansion of the diameter of its holes. And through the used plunger pressure of injection fuel falls. Our craftsmen use only high-tech equipment, thanks to which they detect the most diverse defects, the list of which also includes wear of holes and cracks. If you have noticed the formation of smoke, then most likely, all the parts are out of order, in which case it is necessary to comprehensively repair the injectors.

Repair of fuel pumps and injectors from Grozber Ukraine LLC

Overhaul of each element of the injectors takes place in several stages, the first stage is testing in three basic modes. After that the fuel level is checked. Thanks to these procedures, our professionals determine which of the basic elements requires replacement.

The next step is to center the body and select the needles that correspond to the hydraulic plane. Once completed, final testing and the unit undergoes warranty certification

The whole process of work is carried out in accordance with factory technology and usually does not take more than 24 hours. We provide a separate guarantee for the entire list of work performed, so you no longer have to worry about losing the quality characteristics of the equipment.

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