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Teksan was founded in Istanbul in 1994. In 1998, after Ozcan Bashegmezler became a partner of Teksan, the current structure of the company was formed.

Teksan is an engineering and technology company that produces solutions for uninterrupted power supply. The company's portfolio consists of diesel generators, generator sets for natural gas and biogas, cogeneration and trigeneration systems with 90% energy efficiency, mobile lighting towers, hybrid energy systems, biogas solutions and micro-grid systems. The annual production capacity of the enterprises is 15,000 generators, which are manufactured at factories in Kocaeli and Istanbul with a total area of about 70,000 square meters.

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Following the principle of continuous development and innovation, Teksan not only produces solutions that meet the requirements of the present, but also invests heavily in the technologies of the future thanks to the powerful structure of the research and development department. Thanks to this approach, the company, which is one of the largest companies in the Turkish economy, was included in the list of the largest industrial organizations ISO 500, as well as in the list of Turkish companies with the largest share of exports.
As a leader in developing quality and innovative technologies, Teksan develops high-quality power supply solutions and continues to be a reliable partner in developing solutions where you need uninterrupted power.
Currently, the range of equipment for the production of electricity Teksan covers all niches of the energy market. The company produces high-quality diesel power plants in the power range from 9 kVA to 3300 kVA, which allows you to create extremely reliable systems of autonomous main or emergency power supply for facilities of various levels and purposes - from small private stores to the largest. energy-intensive production. At the same time, for each specific application, Teksan can offer the most optimal solutions, characterized by efficiency, the necessary technical and operational characteristics, including the possibility of retrofitting with additional and related equipment.
It should be noted that the production of Teksan diesel generators meets the most modern world requirements in this area. The company has an international ISO9001:2000 quality certificate, which confirms the high level of production and pre-sale preparation of all units of Turkish brand products.
In the development and production of modern diesel power units for private, semi-industrial and industrial purposes, the company pays special attention to the quality and reliability of the main components and assemblies. Teksan power plants are built on the basis of diesel engines of the world's best manufacturers, such as: Mitsubishi, Perkins, Doosan, Foton, MTU, John Deere and SDEC, ideally selected for each individual model, taking into account technical characteristics, operating conditions and features, as well as the type and possibilities of application. This solution allows the Turkish company to offer autonomous power supply systems capable of operating in the most extreme operating conditions, in any climatic conditions and with long maximum loads. In addition, each Teksan DGU engine is specially adapted for the use of Ukrainian fuel and lubricants, which will be especially important for domestic consumers.
Grozber Ukraine supplies Teksan generators to the Ukrainian market at more than optimal prices. Power plants are in no way inferior to the world's leading brands in quality, reliability and durability, which gives these products certain competitive advantages over most other manufacturers. It is also worth noting that Turkish diesel units are equipped with a fairly large set of related equipment, including: AMF distribution boards, special all-weather anti-noise covers and much more, which allows you to recommend Teksan products.
The generator is installed as a highly reliable power generation system at any facility, regardless of its size and operation specifics.
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