Where to buy spare parts for harrows in Ukraine

Field soil harrowing operations are largely decisive for the future harvest. Because with the help of a harrow you can not only prepare the top layer of soil for sowing and remove debris after the harvest, but also significantly improve the condition of the land, treating it with a quality unit.

Harrows, unlike many other types of agricultural machinery, are usually used twice a year: before sowing and after harvest. Therefore, the load on them is double. And with loads an accelerated wear can occur.

First, what are the spare parts for harrows

Each mechanism has a group of parts that are subjected to more intense mechanical impact. In different types of harrows (and there are only four of them by type of construction), these most involved parts differ from each other, as do the basic methods of tillage in different harrows. These parts, called working bodies, perform the main work in the unit. If other parts of the harrow design wear out, as a rule, from long use of the mechanism, or owing to overloads or an emergency situation, and also after unregulated storage with violation of conditions. That is, the working bodies wear out or break due to normal situations, ie from work. Therefore, the demand of farmers for the purchase of this group of spare parts is the most stable.

The names of harrow types correspond to the names of their main working bodies. Here is a list of spare parts that are the most "popular" among customers of companies that supply products for the agricultural market:

  • Teeth, for dental harrows, have different shapes and sizes;
  • Rotors in the form of disks with wheels in the form of petals, teeth, needle or knife rods of various modifications for rotary harrows;
  • Special cone springs for spring harrows;
  • Disks ordinary, clamping, gear, hubs of disks, racks and owners of racks also in a wide range of modifications for disk harrows.

From non-working bodies the shafts of sections and rotary axes most often demand replacement. Because they are in close proximity to the working tools, they can change their position during operation and feel the load from the cut stems of weeds, hard lumps of soil and so on.

As in any design in harrows prone to failure and wear of the parts of the serf, it is a variety of bolts, nuts, washers, gears, bearings and bushings. Therefore, the demand for them never falls.

You can buy spare parts for harrows just before they start operating. Thus having checked once again a condition of units, it will not be superfluous to be interested in smaller characteristics of details which need to be replaced. And also to update the knowledge in technologies of harrowing: for this purpose to check indicators of necessary depth of cultivation of the soil according to the planned crops, to consider all offered list of working tools - teeth. disks, springs, rotary disks - taking into account the types of their fastening, forms, diameters and the sizes.

The second, but no less important question - where to buy spare parts for harrows

And here the problem is the exact opposite of the situation associated with the "era" of deficit, when the problem was not "where to buy?", But "where to find?". Now farmers face another task: how not to buy goods of unsuitable quality or how to establish the supply of necessary spare parts for forests in a stable mode with prompt deliveries of products of guaranteed quality.

There are many operators in this market segment in Ukraine today, and if you believe their advertisements, they are all ready to supply you with everything you need at the best prices. It is not difficult to pay attention to the fact that some suppliers focus on one or two branded manufacturers and offer for sale primarily their products.

Therefore, the determining factor in choosing an operator will be your available equipment. More precisely - who is its manufacturer, you will buy spare parts from that manufacturer. But in this matter there is another nuance - how reliable the company-supplier of these parts. Can this company really deliver the necessary spare parts for harrows in a short time and will they be of original quality, with a guarantee from the manufacturer? The answer is obvious - if the supplier company has a long-standing practice of interaction with global brands and formalized cooperation in the form of a contract, then your cooperation with this company will be much more reliable, stable and reliable, and therefore profitable.

One such Ukrainian company is Grosber, which has a long-term relationship with well-known manufacturers, has warranty obligations and very prompt deliveries. Together with Grosber, only the soil in the fields will be loose, and the relationship will be firm and faithful.

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