Where to buy spare parts for the combine in Ukraine

First of all it is the block in which there is a cutting and crushing of grain plants. Here the first to fail are cutting tools or cutting surfaces of tools. As a result, the stems are not cut, but crumpled, "chewed", and the grain is often flattened - resulting in reduced quality of both grain and stem straw. Often, when replacing knives, a new reel is installed, as they form a single technological unit in the combine.

Agricultural firms, on whose fields combine harvesters of world brands work, have a clear idea of the technical qualities of these units and always carry out the necessary service to these "ships" of the fields in a timely manner. Because they cannot afford for such a highly productive and irreplaceable mechanism to stand idle. The combine contains a large number of components, assemblies and blocks, the importance and price of which vary, but due to malfunction or inferiority in the technical sense of any of them depends on the overall result not only of this unit of agricultural machinery, but also the entire agricultural firm or agricultural holding.

Two important areas in the working mechanism of the combine

Every combine has these two units in its composition and it is in them that it is often necessary to replace individual parts and components.

В первую очередь это блок, в котором происходит порезка и измельчение зерновых растений. Здесь первыми выходят из строя режущие инструменты или режущие поверхности инструментов. Вследствие чего стебли не срезаются, а сминаются, «сжевываются», а зерно часто сплющивается – в результате понижается качество и зерна, и стеблевой соломы. Часто при замене ножей устанавливают и новое мотовило, так как они составляют единый технологический блок в комбайне.

The next, prone to accelerated failure, the combine unit is an auger, this part is involved in the unit of transportation of the cut grain, where the mass composed of the auger moves due to the rotational force of the finger apparatus in the inclined chamber for cleaning grain.

Therefore, priority should be paid to such components of the combine as:

  • Harvest and its components:
  • Threshing machine in general and in separate parts:
  • Inclined camera assembly:
  • Belts, filters and bearings are installed in different parts of the unit and need to be replaced as a result of wear.

The main factor of stability as a condition for determining the place of purchase of spare parts for the combine

Branded companies from the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and others are distinguished by their long-term stability due to the constant and successful search for the new most advanced solutions to technological problems. This trend leads to the constant complication of the equipment itself to make the process of working with it as easy, productive and independent of climate change, human error and fluctuations in the economic environment in the world.

To this end, all technological processes inside the combines are adjusted not even to millimeters, but to pixels on the screens of on-board computer monitors, which now control the operation of mechanisms and make some modes on the go and without "coordination" with the combine operator. In some models, error-free operation is provided by laser installations that even in the conditions of absolute opacity the combine did not stray from the correct way, and gave the maximum result.

Therefore, on such an accurate device as the combine is today, it is impossible to install any other: knife segments, screw fingers and bearings to them, filters, nozzles, bushings and other parts, if they are not "native" to this model of combine and it is not known whether will be guaranteed to give the necessary result, to serve faultlessly all measured technological term of operation.

Hence, it seems logical to decide to buy spare parts for the combine in Ukraine only from a company that can guarantee the original quality of spare products, which has many years of experience in this function and established direct contractual relationships with manufacturers. And as a bonus - also very short-term deliveries of details and knots from the manufacturer directly to the consumer.

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