Where to buy spare parts for tractors in Ukraine

Tractors in any of the agricultural firms are rightly considered the most loaded mechanisms. It is these machines that help to transport trailed and mounted implements to the field for tillage, plants, harvesting and harvesting after suffering; they also transport all possible goods inside and outside the farm. In other words, a tractor is always needed and it is important that it is always on the move. Therefore, the issue of maintenance of tractors is always timely, always a priority and determines all other work of the agricultural firm.

Constructively about the design and details

There are many different parts and components in a tractor design, not all of them are equally important and not all of them wear out at the same time. Therefore, for the timely replacement of some parts with new ones, it is probably important to pay attention first of all to the most important parts of the tractor, which are therefore important, which are almost constantly in operation.

The whole tractor can be divided into four main parts:

  • Engine;
  • Governing bodies;
  • Transmission;
  • Chassis.

Their components differ in size, function, but they are all equally important to ensure the efficiency of the tractor.

Those parts that almost often require replacement are the following:

  • Piston kits and cylinder blocks;
  • Shafts: front axle, primary, secondary, cardan, drive, clutch, lifting hydraulic;
  • Plugs: locking differential, clutch switch, clutch squeeze, gear shift (front and rear), PTO speed switch;
  • Various inserts, plugs;
  • Hydraulic cylinder;
  • Radiators;
  • Starters;
  • Brake drums;
  • Brake foot switch;
  • Bearings;
  • Details of a serf.

All consumables by their nature constantly require filling, among them: seals, gaskets, filters, etc.

Significant information about the difference in details

Any products, as well as spare parts can be divided into - original, non-original and used. Of course, used parts can be useful only as a last resort, when there is nothing else, or there is no way to get new ones. Therefore it is not necessary to speak about them. As for the non-original ones, which often bribe with their noticeably lower cost and the promised (suppliers, sellers) almost complete similarity with the original parts, it is easy to be tempted to save and not get the expected result.

The British have long had a saying for such cases: "we are not rich enough to buy cheap things." That is, the representatives of this wise nation have long been convinced by their experience that there are no cheap things of the same good quality as more expensive things. And that, having saved money at purchase, we then will lose at faster breakage of a low-quality thing or from that it will not give the same result, as well as a qualitative product.

In addition, the original products purchased from a reputable seller who has direct business contacts with manufacturers, probably have a documented confirmation of their level of quality, and therefore will last as long as possible and ultimately bring more benefits to farmers through continuous work with optimal performance.

And another aspect. Tractors of well-known world brands, such as: John Deere, Case In, New Holland - are high-tech mechanisms that use innovative technical ideas, where functionally all components work with the accuracy of good hours, where tractor power is laid to the limit, and energy consumption of fuel materials during operation must be structurally acceptable. When the operation of all components and technological units of the tractor is controlled and controlled by a computer system, then the homemade elements in such a high-tech system will constantly fail and disrupt the operation of the unit as a whole.

Therefore, to ensure the technical characteristics of all components of the tractor all tractor knots must give the result that is expected of them. And only real details can and should do it. "Sharpened" under the required indicator and are able to issue it in accordance with the estimated service life.

Where is a reliable supplier of quality tractor parts

If you are ready to provide the maximum result in work on the tractor then you need to make replacements of spare parts to the tractor bought from the supplier. which can really guarantee their quality and origin.

In Ukraine, there are several fairly reliable companies that regularly supply agricultural firms with equipment and components. The Grosber company is one of those which positively differ in the high reliability, stability and speed in service. All these qualities help it to maintain long-term contractual relations with producer companies, its own many years of experience and well-established work to create conditions for farmers to succeed.

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